Endodontic Excavator #31L (Elongated spoon shape blade)

Item Code: d722ec31l
Bar Code: CEEC31L
Supplier: nordent
Category: endodontic excavators, endodontic instruments, excavators, restorative instruments
Specialty: restorative and prosthetic dentistry

Endodontic Excavator #31L. Elongated spoon shape blade width is 1.6mm. The terminal shank is 15mm long and set at a 50 degree angle to the center line of the handle.
Nordent Endodontic Excavators have extra-long terminal shanks to reach deep into the cavity preparation.
All are made of high carbon stainless steel that is formed and precision ground by expert craftsmen, then hardened for the ultimate in sharp edge retention and durability.

Restorative Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Restorative Instruments, Cavity Preparation Instruments, Endodontic Excavators, Excavators


Price: 67.00 SAR

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