Product description:

- PERFECTION self sealing sterilization pouches are pre-folded for easy closing and proven microbial barrier complying with ISO11140-1,ISO11607andEN868-5

- Perfection self-seal sterilization pouches are pre-folded and assure accurate and fast closing without the requirement of a heat sealing device. They are especially suited for use in small general practices, dental surgeries and by users who want to avoid costs of additional sealing equipment.

• Reinforced film to avoid tearing during opening
• Superior barrier with 60gsm or 70gsm medical grade paper
• Clean and accurate indicator color change
• Tear, fibre-free opening and aseptic presentation
• Triple band seal for higher package integrity
• Formaldehyde indicator available upon request


7.5" x 14"  190x360mm (200 PCS/BOX)

2.25" x 4"   57x100mm (200 PCS/BOX)

2.75" x 10" 70x260mm (200 PCS/BOX)

3.5" x 10"   90x260mm (200 PCS/BOX)

Infection Control, Disposables, Pouches, Sterlization

Price: from 7.00 SAR

  Description Item # Price Qty  
STERILIZATION POUCH 2.25" x 4"(57x100mm (200 PCS/BOX)) 401-ZF057100 7.00 SAR
STERILIZATION POUCH 2.75" x 10"(70x260mm(200 PCS/BOX)) 401-ZF070260 14.00 SAR
STERILIZATION POUCH 3.5" x 10" (90x260mm (200 PCS/BOX)) 401-ZF090260 18.00 SAR
STERILIZATION POUCH 7.5" x 14"(190x360mm(200 PCS/BOX)) 401-ZF190360 53.00 SAR

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